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Shelling Out Less for More

Arc Value Village

Yep, this is where we like to go on Sunday mornings.  Wouldn’t you agree that it seems silly to pay full price for something, when that same something can be purchased for less? When you do this, there (theoretically) is money left over for the things that are only available at full price.

“Let’s not pay full price when we can buy it for less.” That’s the motto around our house. We love a good thrift store, whether it’s stuff or food. We figure that we save several hundreds of dollars a year.

It is amazing to see the thrift stores busier than the local target.  Says something about our economy. Or, maybe it is because people are sick of spending a ton of money on new, when slightly used will do.

Mike's Discount Foods

Do you have a favorite thrift store?

January Sky

The sky on my way to work. (Tweaked just ever so slightly).

Okay, here’s the original:

Perplexing Puzzle Pain

Indy PuzzleNormally, I love to puzzle.  This Indy puzzle, however, was just not enjoyable, right from the get-go. First, the previous puzzler (I buy thrift store puzzles) basically folded up the puzzle and placed it in the box. So, I ended up breaking some apart and some not. Secondly, it was extremely difficult to snap together puzzle pieces that were just about as thick as quarters. At least all the pieces were there.

Thank goodness, so now I can start a new one.
Puzzle Stash

My puzzle peculiarities:

  • I buy them from the thrift store
  • I prefer 500 piece puzzles (I can do them faster)
  • I photograph every puzzle I put together
  • I’ve finished seventy plus puzzles
  • Missing pieces are so disheartening

My one puzzle regret: That I didn’t puzzle with my daughter when she was little, so she never got the hang of puzzling. Too bad. It would be fun to do a puzzle with her now and again. Puzzling just frustrates her though.

Do you puzzle?  

Curl, Squat, Push-up, Repeat

The Orange Theory Tee I received for buying more sessions

I received this logo Tee Shirt when I purchased more sessions last week. Joining Orange Theory Fitness may just be the craziest thing that I have ever done.  Have you heard of it?

Sometimes, I think I have gone mad to even consider this level of work out. It is efficient, but nuts, especially for those of us at, let’s just say, a more mature age. It doesn’t matter there if you are 20 or 60, the workout is the same.  No breaks for the weary. The goal is to run your heart rate at 85% of max for 26 minutes or so, with the other 26 minutes to be at 70% – 85% of max.

The workouts work for me because every single session is different, and the trainers tell me exactly what to do. The required appointment helps to keep me accountable to actually make it to said workout.

Here is an example of a brutal workout that was followed by 26 minutes of running. I actually kept up pretty well using 7.5# weights for our floor exercise, making it through the push up portion, earlier this week. Rowing was also peppered into this portion of the workout, as the trainers saw fit.

This is the list of exercises:

  • Curls 5
  • Overhead 5
  • Kickbacks 5
  • Squats 10
  • Lunges 10
  • Step Ups 10
  • Side Steps 10
  • Push Ups 10
  • Jumping Jacks 15 (then 3 other items that I did not pay attention to. I didn’t get that far)

So…this is how it worked. 5 curls, 5 overhead, 5 curls, 5 overhead, 5 kickbacks, 5 overhead, 5 curls, 5 overhead, 5 kickbacks, 10 squats, 5 kickbacks, 5 overhead, 5 curls, 5 overhead, 5 kickbacks, 10 squats, 10 lunges, etc.

See the pattern?  Get the picture?  My body hurt with every last movement for three days afterward.

I went back today for more.

What do you choose to do for exercise?

(I do not receive any compensation for my opinion of Orange Theory Fitness.)

Road Tripping

Stoplight 1 DSC07063Looking at this mundane stoplight landscape is a daily norm for me, being the first of many stops during my morning commute to work.

Sometimes, I am lucky enough to actually make it through this light. Woo Hoo! Missing it can mean a three minute or better wait, which is then a precursor to all the other stop lights my car will get to idle at. Bum!

Not everyone looks at this stoplight sitting as I do. My neighbor actually times it so she can sit at this light, which is where she prefers to eat her breakfast. No thanks.

Stoplight 2 DSC07065

A more colorful stoplight landscape

Stoplight 3 DSC07067

More stoplight fun

NO…Just Keep on Walking


Seeing these cupcakes at work today stopped me in my tracks. I was walking past the kitchen minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of these red velvet babies. I literally stopped, AND backed up, to get a better look.

Then, the conversation started in my head:
“Yum, those look good.”
“You don’t need one of those.”
“I don’t, but they’re small, almost bite size.”
“Say no and just keep walking.”

And with that, I kept walking, all by myself, without those unnecessary calories in my hand. YAY ME!

And…They’re Off!

The sun was barely a thought in the sky as I peeled myself from my toasty flannel sheets at 5:00 this morning. Actually, my DH woke me up at 4:53 am, stating that it was 5:00, which it was not. No wonder I am falling asleep as the clock moves ever so much closer to the 11:00 pm mark.

The reason I was up so early was because I was the ride for DH and DD, who were also up bright and early, to catch a flight to sunny and not-so-warm Florida. It sure beats the nineteen degree weather I experienced here today though.

This pic was taken on my dumb phone because I forgot to bring my camera. It will be much more difficult to keep up with my goal of 2013 in pics if I continue to forget my camera. Anyway, the pic is blurry as I was cold, they were cold, and we were all in a rush.  I didn’t want to take too much time and definitely was not going to ask for a re-do. So, it is what it is.

Nate & Shannon to FL

It’s fun to play around with the pics in photo editing to see what cool things I can come up with. Here it is.  It turned out kinda cool, right?N_Sh adj'd color

The Anxiety of a Mother

A mother never stops worrying, at least not this mother. It was my daughter’s first legal New Year’s Eve. All cute and decked out, she was ready to hit the town with her girlfriends. They had a plan to cab it to and from a friend’s house, which seemed logical when the night started out. I was feeling good about it all. And then…. 3:00 am rolls around and I hear a knock at the door, immediately followed by a phone call to come to the door to let them in.

My daughter and one of the friends landed at my door, after paying for an unexpected $54.00 cab ride to our town. Turns out that their cab was hijacked by a couple of pushy party-going strangers who actually left the cab at their destination without paying their fair share.

Cab Fare Receipt

Below is what our table looks like without the iPhone 4 that went to the bar with my daughter. Yes, it was misplaced, and is now lost in the unknown recesses of said bar.

What! No iPhone?

Finally, now that two of the four girls were safely home at my house, they were feeling very hungry. After an attempt at opening up one almond, they decided it was best they go to bed.

Snacktime: Almonds

So, while they slept all snugly in their beds, I had the dis-pleasure of laying awake tossing and turning while wondering about lessons learned and how DD (or I) was going to cover the $600.00 replacement cost of said iPhone.

The worry and anxiety never goes away but only changes as time goes on.