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Left Eye Laser Iridotomy

Left Eye Laser Iridotomy (Photo credit: Geoff S.)

I am considered glaucoma suspect, which means there is a chance of getting glaucoma and becoming blind. To help prevent this, I had Laser Iridotomy on my left eye today.  I will have my right eye done in two weeks. I have, what is called, narrow angles in my eyes.  The drainage canals in my eyes are smaller than normal and can become clogged, causing excruciating pain and sudden blindness. This laser surgery makes a hole in my iris to allow another drainage passageway, which will help keep sudden blindness from happening. I don’t like my eyes being messed with, so I’ve actually been putting this off for a whole year. Then, I decided that it would be a shame to become blind when it could have been prevented. So, today was the day.

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