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Winter Guests

I would like to introduce you to our winter guests.  They visit us all winter long, with no concern as to what the temperature is.  It’s all about the food for them.  I can relate to that.

Red Squirrel

This cute little red squirrel looks harmless enough, but is actually stealing the suet that the we have placed out for the birds. He’s got to eat too, right? See how puffed up the squirrel looks?  The high this day was actually below zero so it is all puffed up just trying to keep itself warm.

Below is the red-headed woodpecker whom the suet block is really meant for.  It’s puffed up for warmth too.

Woodpecker 1 OrigHere is one more woodpecker picture, but with the color played with.  I think I like this better.

Woodpecker 2 w/blue tintThis picture is from a couple years ago. We live near the Mississippi River so are graced with the occasional deer in our yard. They are welcome in the winter, but not so much in the summer when they confuse our garden with a buffet table.

Deer DSC03256Who are your winter guests?